IKEA satisfied with the Moroccan market

A year after the installation in Morocco, set Ikea a positive assessment of its presence on the national market.

The first store of the Swedish furniture opened its doors in March 2016, after a blockage that had lasted six months.

Today, the brand "very satisfied" with the Moroccan market. "We are very pleased, it's a satisfactory year for us, the balance is positive," said Marcos Agudo, Managing Director of Ikea to HuffPost Morocco Maroc.

Since opening the store drew nearly two million visitors. "Our customers begin to understand the concept and are becoming more interested in our furniture," said Agudo.

Asked about the sales and profits of the shop since it opened, refused Marcos Agudo there more to say about it. He justified this by the status of "private company" of the brand in Morocco.

As far as the pricing policy of Ikea in the Kingdom, which strongly criticized, wants Agudo reassuring.

"Nowadays is a part of our range cheaper than in Spain, we have the review of more than 1000 products and prices in the last catalog these products are cheaper than the previous year," he said, adding that lower prices of Ikea in Morocco "little by little" will be applied.

The first IKEA store in Morocco, which was originally scheduled to open in september 2015 was inaugurated on March 16. The reason for this delay? "The lack of a certificate of compliance", according to the Moroccan authorities, who had blocked the opening.

The store with an area of 26,000 m2 is located in Zenata, near Casablanca, and represents an investment of 450 million dirham. The franchise is owned by Morocco SYH, a subsidiary of the Kuwaiti Al Homaizi group.