Moroccan Football Federation outraged at allegations LOSC Lille

According to the FRMF Lille would not even have sent a medical report about Mendyl.

Yesterday, the Ligue 1-formation LOSC Lille known to consider legal action against the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF. Because of their contract player Hamza Mendyl that despite not being fit enough to play, yet minutes got against Burkina Faso (ed. 2-0 profit). After the match against period Mendyl returned with a torn knee band back whereby he was forced under the knife had to. By this injury, it is expected that the back for the rest of this calendar year is disabled.

In the press release blamed Lille the Moroccan Federation to have no hearing given to the lesser physical condition of the 19-year-old wing back. There would already be communicated in advance that he was not fit enough minutes to make against Burkina Faso. This afternoon the FRMF reacted on these allegations, through official channels let the League know that Lille in no way Morocco has informed the medical staff of Mendyl. A medical report or official document on the part of Lille would never have been, thus the FRMF.

The press release is decided with the note that the Moroccan Federation at all times respects the medical report of a club. During the preparation for the Africa Cup were Sofiane Balding, Nordin Amrabat, Ali Tannane, Ismael El H and Younes Belhanda after being examined by the medical staff of Morocco sent back to their clubs. It is now waiting for a reply from Lille on this issue.

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