Counterfeit products flooding Moroccan market

There is a growing number of counterfeit products on the market in Morocco, both edible and non-edible products.

Counterfeit products win more and more terrain, despite the efforts of the competent authorities, La Vie Eco. The amount of counterfeit products sold on the domestic market is estimated at 10% of the total volume of food products and 5% of non-edible products.

Baby food, detergent, milk, oil, tea or coffee, nothing escapes these fraudsters. Despite the high marks from counterfeit products give the authorities not. the number of raids by the national health service for food products (ONSSA) experienced a significant increase. But, as La Vie Eco indicates, quantities seized are only a tip of the iceberg and it gives only a small part of what actually sold on the market.

La Vie Eco reports that the counterfeit products from three sources. First, there are the Asian countries (China, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates) where many counterfeit products come from.

Secondly, the local producers small workshops where the imitators reproduce exactly the authentic products with raw materials of cheap and poor quality, these are often present in the Fez-Meknes region and Casablanca.

The third category, which is also the most damaging to health, are products for which the expired shelf life dates. These products are presented in a new packaging with a new date. This category often sold on word the countryside and small towns, as well as markets such as Derb Ghallef in Casablanca.