Alarming drop in the number of cruise travelers to Moroccan cities

The recent fall in b major concerns for the Moroccan cruise sector.

The ANP (l'Agence Nationale des Ports) recently came with disturbing figures about the development of the number of cruise travelers to Morocco. The ports Casablanca and Agadir exhibit both since the beginning of this calendar year a drop of as much as 8%. The Moroccan medium Aujourd'hui Le Maroc subscribes to this negative trend and to report further know that there is currently an increase of 52% and 11% respectively (in Casablanca and Agadir) is compared to the first period of this calendar year. Nevertheless, the parties involved in this sector do not get too excited.

Last year, one already a decrease of 23%, where a total of 339,027 passengers were in the two ports. In Casablanca, the number of tourists with 25.9% 6.7% while the decrease in Agadir on was held. Professionals in the sector believe that this decline can be explained on the basis of the unstable situation in the area.

In addition, there would be many other areas also on circumstances that have a negative impact on the popularity of the means of transport. In the field of public transport, think of taxis and buses, where tourists can continue their journey is still not as it should go. Also form guides that often the most of want to pick up a large inhibiting factor for tourists.

To be somewhat weather to find the way up would be a strong lobby at international shipping companies.