EU wants to work for young people in North Africa

It should be easy for European investors to create jobs and growth in North Africa.

"If young people a job and a future, they don't to Europe", said the Maltese Minister Edward Scicluna (finance) Saturday in Valletta.

The 28 EU ministers gathered there about ways in which private investment in North African countries can be cranked up. "The EU has an interest in there from a strategic point of view," said Scicluna.

Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt must therefore and Libya be helped to access to capital, to improve the business climate and infrastructure. "Our support is certainly needed. That could, for example, with technical assistance and through joint ventures, "said Minister Jeroen Dela Cruz.

According to the Brussels think tank Bruegel, in a policy advice to the ministers, his reforms in education and in the labour market also desperately needed. There are thousands of highly educated North Africans who find no job in their own country.

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