Morocco's Royal family on holiday in Cuba

King Mohammed VI, accompanied by members of his family, left Morocco on Friday for a family trip to Cuba.

King Mohammed VI, accompanied by Lalla Salma, Moulay El Hassan and Lalla Khadija, left Morocco Friday to enjoy some family time in Cuba. The Royal family will stay on Cayo Santa Maria, an island in the Cuban archipelago of Jardines del Rey.

The King's agenda was quite full during the first months of 2017. It included three trips to sub-Saharan Africa, whose last trip included five countries for the King's Africa tour.

When the King returned he had of the role of President on a series of Royal activities, including the launch of the National Solidarity Campaign and large development projects in Tangier and Ouarzazate.

On april 5, the King appointed the new Government headed by Saad-Eddin El Othmani and a day earlier the King had the 12 members of the Constitutional Court appointed. On april 6, the King appointed the members of the Supreme Council of the judiciary (CSPJ).

After a dizzying array of diplomatic and national activities, it is now finally time for the King and his family to enjoy some quality time together.

mohammed vi