Exotic Muslim-friendly honeymoon destinations where you may never have thought to

Thinking how to get from your honeymoon an amazing romantic and unique experience makes? Please read the article below!

Virtually everyone's dream is a perfect honeymoon and instead of going to one of the well-known destinations, visit one of these exotic lands and prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey!

Wild animals, safari rides, beautiful sunsets and landscapes .... If you and your better half an unforgettable adventure to South Africa is the perfect place for your honeymoon! Although you will be staying in the African wilderness, you just don't forget to pack your sleeping bag. Prepare for the necessary luxury and spoil yourself when you choose to stay in a safari lodge.

This reserve offers five different luxury safari lodges that meet all your needs but if you ask us, we have our eye on the Settlers Drift – a 5-star safari tent with full privacy. In each tent suite has a private terrace with stunning views over the Bushman's River. Of course you would stay with the game reserve not be complete without safari rides and guided safari walks! Ask yourself the beautiful images of close even for the big five (Lion, elephant, rhino, Buffalo and Leopard) and other South African wildlife. Remember to bring your camera because this time would you like to remember.

P.s. Because Kariega is located on the Eastern Cape of South Africa you can be sure that it is free of malaria.

Halal dining options: Yes

Would you like an unconventional honeymoon? How would you like to be able to pull yourself back in the desert with romantic after sunset a sky full of stars? You also have the possibility to discover the mythical sand dunes by camel or an adrenaline rush to get dune bashing! (with a jeep through the desert dunes drive)

This luxury accommodation is situated in The Empty Quarter-the world's largest continuous piece of desert though is-250,000 square kilometres, this makes it a popular place for dune bashing and other sand sports! As sand sports not really something to relax than on your comfortable lounger and enjoy the breathtaking views of the desert!

P.s. When you like an accommodation with own private pool wants, we recommend the Anantara Pool Villa One Bedroom!

Halal dining options: Yes

A remote island in the middle of the Indian Ocean just Northwest of Madagascar, the Seychelles. It may not be more exotic than this. The Seychelles would you like to visit for sure when you are looking for a country where no swarms of tourists come, but where you want to enjoy beautiful views. When you explore the island would have some simple French phrases with the locals, they will wear on your hands!

Prepare yourself for a romantic private getaway, all villas feature butler service, an infinity pool, 180 degree views of the spectacular Indian Ocean. The villas are well separated from each other for ultimate privacy.

Halal dining options: Yes
Villa and private pool: Yes, private infinity pool
Bidmogelijkheden/Mosque on the island: YES
Alcohol smoking villas: Yes

Granada will probably not be the first city where you think when you hear Spain. But if you remember to your honeymoon in Europe to experience, consider even the usual skip and cities to Granada. This town houses the largest Muslim community of Spain and has a rich Islamic history. Discover the streets of Granada and learn about the rich history of the city. One thing is for sure, this will be an unforgettable experience!

Try a hotel or apartment in the Albaicin district, which is the oldest Arab area and in this neighborhood lives a large community of local Muslims. The two mosques of Granada are also located in this section – "Al Taqwa Masjid" and "The Grand Masjid of Granada".

Tip: the famous Alhambra Palace is about thirty minutes walk from the The Grand Masjid and there you have a breathtaking view out from the San Nicholas viewpoint.

When you are staying near Views, there are a number of restaurants that serve halal food such as Arrayenes. If there is no sign in the window hang question than just at the owners.

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