Beauty Talks: black SOAP (beldi sabon)

In our series Beauty Talks about natural Moroccan beauty products we focus attention on black SOAP today.

Black SOAP is also known under the name Moroccan olive oil SOAP or sabon beldi. The SOAP is a 100% natural SOAP and word made of mainly black olives. It is been used for centuries in Morocco, mainly by women who visit the Hammam.

Black SOAP is obtained at the manufacture of olive oil. The SOAP is so an olive extract and is made from olives, olive oil and water. All this is mixes and heats until a viscous mass arises.

Black SOAP is good to use as cleanser and exfoliant in one. The SOAP cleanses the skin and removes dead skin cells, due to the exfoliating properties of the Moroccan olive oil SOAP. The SOAP cleans thoroughly and deeply and to use for various skin problems. Black SOAP has further an anti-microbial effect and is rich in vitamin e. the SOAP is soft and has a thick liquid structure and is suitable for all skin types.

Tip 1: use black SOAP over your whole body If scrubcreme. Massage your damp warm skin in with this SOAP and let it some minutes. Once the SOAP starts to get some dry scrub you with a glove scrub the dead skin cells of your body, hereinafter referred to as the rinse your skin off with lukewarm water.
Tip 2: use black SOAP if you have an allergy for perfume have as a fragrance free SOAP. Moisturize your skin, leave the SOAP after retracting and rinse off with a washcloth and water.
Tip 3: use black SOAP as organic SOAP It is free of sulfates, silicones, perfume and alcohol.
Tip 4: use the SOAP on your face for a mild cleansing that impurities and acne reduces. Make your face wet, lubricating a thin layer of SOAP over your face and then wash your face off.
Tip 5: It is recommended for skin problems such as eczema, pimples, inflammation, scars and stretch marks. Was yourself with black SOAP instead of other SOAP.
Tip 6: use the If anti aging SOAP. Black SOAP can be used skin ageing, it contains vitamin E and keeps the skin supple and smooth. Lubricate your face a bit and then wash your face off.
Tip 7: use it every now and then as a replacement for shampoo. Take a small bit of black SOAP and mix it with water and massage your scalp with it in. Let it 5 minutes and rinse your hair thoroughly.

Black SOAP makes the skin clean and soft, you'll be amazed After the use of exfoliating your body, how much dead skin cells there on your body. Because it is a paste-like SOAP is he stays on Paste the skin and works effectively it right away on your skin and promotes at the same time also the circulatory system. The SOAP will let you skin rays after use!

Until the next beauty talks!

black soap
sabon beldi