Raids in Marrakech against shisha places cause controversy

The raids by the police in well-known shisha consumption in Marrakech go by, but the luxury and tourist accommodations are skipped and that causes the necessary controversy.

The campaign carried out by the local authorities in Marrakech against the consumption of shisha in public space, gives the necessary local controversy on. Local associations are not to mention the fact that some high-class places, such as hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs still escape the campaign which is currently against the shisha.

According to the weekend edition of the newspaper Akhbar Al Yaoum the local authorities avoid certain places visited by wealthy clientele in the areas of Gueliz, Palmier and Hivernage. Some branches in these districts go even so far that they create special corners, in the form of tents, intended solely for the consumption of the water pipe.

As a result, require some associations, which are particularly active in raising awareness of the dangers of the use of shisha, the application of a municipal Decree of 26 december 2006. This municipal decision prohibits the consumption of the Bong in public places. The unite want all establishments which have these "service", without exception, be addressed. They also demand the withdrawal of the licence of cafes, restaurants, hotels and night clubs where the shisha in public is consumed.

It should be noted that from a legal point of view, apart from the law that prohibits the use of shisha in public places, there is no legislation for this "activity" in hotels, cafes and night clubs. On the other hand, if it turns out that minors are part of the clientele, the owner can be prosecuted for incitement to debauchery. For example, the police raids on shisha places often justified under the heading of protection of minors and the fight against incitement to debauchery, and any other behavior that is likely to affect public order.