Three people stabbed in Tanger

Three people were in Tangier stung by an individual with clear signs of a mental disorder.

An individual with visible signs of a mental disorder fell Friday in Tangier to three people with a knife causing them injuries in varying degrees increased, said a statement from the Directorate General of national security (DGSN).

According to the first elements of the investigation the wrong culprit (24 years old) in an abnormal state and he was standing on the open road. In doing so, he crossed a woman and two men with no apparent motives. The men who were transferred to the hospital, the statement said of the DGSN in which the services of the police headquarters in Tanger were quoted.

There was an investigation conducted by the Office of the competent public prosecutor opened, while the victims were interrogated in the hospital. Finally, the source noted that the offender, after treatment for his suspected psychosis, will be subject to a medical examination.