Amrabat opposite the FIFA: World Cup dreams ' Very Morocco, would be great to have to stand there in Russia '

The Watford striker may be the last World Cup participation of Morocco but remember all too well.

Opposite FIFA looks Moroccan-international Nordin Amrabat ahead at the World Cup in 2018 Russia's. The contract player of London's Watford would like to participate in the final round of the global tournament: ' African football is always different. You should definitely not underestimate opponents, there are a lot of good football teams in between. At present, a number of countries led by European coaches, on a tactical level, you always. Currently we lack nothing, we have a good group of players, staff and trainer. Hopefully, we are therefore in Russia next year. '

If school-age boy, at that time still active in the Youth Academy of Ajax, watched the now 30-year-old Amrabat with great admiration to France from Morocco at the World Cup in 1998. ' H was one of my favourite players where I was looking at. Now he is our Assistant coach, a world guy. In the beginning it still felt a little special to work with him, now it's like he's one of us '

Amrabat concludes with the nice words: ' it would be great to go to Russia. Everyone in Morocco would be overjoyed and hopefully we can fulfill that dream for the people. '

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