Daesh takes in Egypt Christians as target

The terrorist group has Daesh Sunday shortly after two bloody suicide attacks on churches in the North of Egypt with more violence against Christians threatened.

"The Crusaders and infidels go with the blood of their sons ' pay ', ushered in a statement via Daesh channels is distributed. The statement mentioned two names of the perpetrators.Two suicide bombers blew up themselves Sunday in a church in Tanta, 80 kilometers north of Cairo, and in a church in Alexandria, 90 kilometres away. In the attacks are certainly 53 people killed and about 204 wounded. It was the bloodiest attacks on the Christian minority since years. The churches were crowded on the last Sunday before Easter. The head of the Egyptian Coptic Church, Pope Tawadros II, was in the Church in Alexandria but remained unharmed.The Roman Catholic Pope Francis plans to visit Cairo at the end of this month. He prayed Sunday for the victims. UN chef António Guterres hoped that the perpetrators of this horrible terrorist attack quickly caught. Minister Bert Koenders (Foreign Affairs) expressed his condolences and said that the Copts have been hit hard on Palm Sunday.The Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi cried for three months a State of emergency and has instructed the army throughout the country to protect public buildings and infrastructure. The extra protection is expected to change little in the street scene. Soldiers are present throughout the country virtually continuously since 1952 that generals is ruled.General al-Sisi grip power at the beginning of July 2013. According to critics of al-Sisi kindles extremism to the repression. But many Christians see him as a shield against extremism that the Middle East teases. Of the more than 90 million Egyptians there are an estimated 13.5 million Christian.