OGC Nice solidifies itself take over for final Belhanda

A final takeover beckons for the Moroccan-international, is still under contract with the Ukrainian Dynamo Kiev.

If it is up to the President of OGC Nice, Jean-Pierre Rivère, is can Younes Belhanda soon contract player of the club. At the table with Canal Football said the President very pleased about the Moroccan-international. Belhanda ended up last summer at the last minute, a few minutes before the expiry of the transfer deadline, when the current number three of the Ligue 1.

The attacking midfielder was by its contract club Dinamo Kiev already lent to Schalke 04, with the right bid would Belhanda finally can return to the League where he. During the previous negotiations on the temporarily taking over Belhanda was a option to buy of reportedly 9 million euro. Rivère says the President of Dinamo Kiev already having met, case is now to continue with them to the table.

In 25 League appearances on behalf of Nice came Belhanda to 3 goals and 5 assists. In addition to the Liverpool Belhanda rented Balotelli finally incorporated.

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