Behind the scenes at MasterChef Celebrity (video)

Eight new candidates compete in the second season of ' Celebrity MasterChef '. The first broadcast will be aired on the first Thursday of the month of Ramadan on 2 m.

We previously all that Celebrity MasterChef this ramadan will come back with a second season.

The celebrities fights this year each for their own chosen charity. When a celebrity is voted the best candidate of the episode receives an amount of 5000 dirham for his or her charity. The big winner of MasterChef Celebrity will win a cheque of 100,000 dirham for his or her charity.

Lefr360 took a look behind the scenes at the shooting of the program:

[video = youtube; 9eUzwvqu3fU] v = 9eUzwvqu3fU [/video]

Celebrity masterchef will be aired every Thursday on 2 m during the month of Ramadan.

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