First convictions for glorifying terrorism after murder Russian Ambassador

The Court in sale, which is responsible for terrorism related matters, has recently released its first verdict in the case of glorifying and encouraging the murder of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey. The penalties range from eight months to three years in prison.

One person was sentenced to three years in prison, while four others were sentenced to two years in prison. A sixth suspect was sentenced to eight months in prison and a fine of five thousand dirham.

According to the newspaper Akhbar Al Yaoum is no activist of the Party for Justice and development (PJD) included in this first round of convictions.

In a statement said the lawyer of these activists of the PJD, Noureddine Balbuena,, however, that his clients be prosecuted for the same indictment and announced that the first session will take place on 20 april. They, too, will be prosecuted on the basis of the anti-terrorism law to apologize and glorifying terrorism. They were arrested by elements of the Central Bureau of Investigation (BCIJ) following their publication on social networks where they are clearly in the content the murder of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey and encourage glorify.

They were arrested in response to a warning from the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of justice by means of a declaration of "making excuses and glorifying terrorism is a punishable offence".