Cooperation Ministry of handicraft and FNM subject to Moroccan crafts

A cooperation agreement for the preservation of the Moroccan heritage is in Rabat signed by the Ministry of handicraft, social and solidarity economy and the National Museum Fund (FNM).

The Convention, signed by Fatima Marouane and FNM president Mehdi Qotb, reflects the importance of both sides in establishing a sustainable and fruitful cooperation for the preservation and promotion of the Moroccan crafts, including of the traditional Moroccan carpet.

Both partners have explained that they will bet for the restoration and preservation of the cultural crafts, reports Moroccoworldnews.

"The Ministry is committed to the integration of craft training in the curricula of the training centres", put Ma in a statement to folder.

"This agreement reflects the desire of the Ministry and the FNM to work together on the preservation and recovery of the valuable manual work that is on display in the museums, "added Marouane coming .

The FNM is set to work with the Ministry to Moroccan heritage and crafts, notably the traditional carpet sector, added Qotbi.

He noted that there will be a carpet museum set up in Marrakech by the FNM, aiming to this ancient art and as a tribute to the Moroccan artisans.