Stade Mohamed V Casablanca: ' Renovation took authorities so far no 220 million dirham '

In Casablanca, there is much to do to the cost of the renovated Mohamed V complex. The authorities respond now on the wrong coverage.

In both the Moroccan public opinion and in the media was there for the renovation of the Stade Mohamed V a total of 220 million dirham. This while the work at the stadium is not yet fully completed. In videos of supporters is plain to see that the listed aannemerssom incompatible with the work carried out so far. Both on the inside and outside the home of Raja and Wydad Casablanca too many flaws.

In a press release let the local authorities of Casablanca-Settat know that the information so far provided by the media is not quite right. The renovation would be in two phases are divided, the amount allocated for the first phase amounts to 100 million. This phase is currently almost finished, in the communiqué is strongly moved away from the assertion that the work so far would have cost 220 million dirham.

The authorities also tracks than supporters and interested parties to consult the websites of the contractor Casa Aménagement for exact information: and

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