Morocco late 17 UN staff return to Laayoune headquarters

The Moroccan Government suspended over a year ago 74 UN staff after the exasperating statements by Ban Ki-Moon over the Sahara issue.

The Moroccan Government is 17 employees of the United Nations engaged in the Sahara-file back to working at their Office in Laayoune. Forming part of the so-called MINURSO United Nations Mission could the Working Group as first her bags after the statements by Ban Ki-Moon a year ago that did stir a lot of dust in the country. The former Secretary General of the UN took the word occupation in the mouth if it was about the situation in the Sahara desert, denoting the policy of Morocco.

This agreement was reached last night with the permanent representative of Morocco to the United Nations, according to the Moroccan Halima Omar medium Yabiladi. It was this match under the great condition that the UN staff neutral and do their work without any form of intervention. In Morocco but also outside this topic for years is a sensitive political issue.

Its armed forces since 1991 Polisario refuses to remove Guerguerat, while this since that year officially as a demilitarized zone.

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