Establishment of the Alliance of associations for rare diseases in Morocco

Nine associations of patients with rare diseases are merged into the ' Morocco ' Alliance rare diseases (AMRM).

Although not all of them recognized, there are countless rare diseases. One of the goals of the public at large is known to AMRM do with these rare diseases, reports the AMRM in a statement.

"The AMRM is aimed at bringing together the majority of the associations active in this field into one collective, leaving them with one voice in the face of their interlocutors speak", said Khadija Moussayer, specialist in internal medicine and Geriatrics and also President of AMRM and the Moroccan Association of autoimmune and systemic diseases (AMMAIS).

There are nearly 8000 rare diseases, 80% of which are of genetic origin. About 6 to 8% of the world's population would be influenced by these pathologies. In all, rare diseases have consequences for about 350 million people worldwide and 1.5 million people in Morocco.

"People with a rare disease are faced with many challenges, whether it is a good diagnosis, information or guidance to experienced professionals. The access to quality care at low cost is also a problem, "said Khadija Moussayer.

The creation of this Alliance will allow the patients ' associations to pool their efforts and feel better, so that people with a rare disease and their family members are heard, reported the AMRM in the statement.