Drama in port Sebta, Moroccan holiday maker from Spain drowns in car (video)

On unfortunate mode came the car of the holidaymaker in the water, with fatal outcome.

A 59-year-old Moroccan, living in the Spanish Tarragona, recently came on tragically dying in the port of Sebta. According to the Spanish EFE medium drove the man he followed the boat out and not the instructions of the port staff on. It made sure the man in the opposite direction, the ferry left leaving him, probably also by poor visibility, in the water. The drama took place just before dawn, 07:15 local time.

Immediately advanced Civil Guard, port police and the Fire Department to save the man. It was unfortunately to no avail, all during the rescue operation were found the lifeless body of the holidaymaker. A few hours later the vehicle was hoisted out of the water, it is known that the man only traveled.

[video = youtube; H1fuW3WxtAA] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = H1fuW3WxtAA [/video]