Local PJD President talk of the town after ramming cars in Marrakech

With his employee's car caused the President damage to two cars, before being arrested.

A local PJD President of the village community was arrested Monday in Marrakech Sidi Dadoud. The man rammed two cars in a tourist area of the city. He would, in all probability, the Moroccan media reports Al Ahdath, the power over the handlebars are lost and then he hit a taxi. Shortly afterwards another vehicle when he damaged the man on flight struck for the toegesnelde police.

The man refused to stop at first, but later could be klemgereden in his service car. According to the newspaper the arrest would not quite failures, he opposed against the arrest. Also, the man in intoxicated condition. He is known to last Monday has spent his first night in the police cell, soon the man hear what punishment he imposed.