Tangier: launch ambitious project to the red fruit sector

For the next four years, the French National Institute for agricultural research (INRA), through its subsidiary in Tangiers, an ambitious research programme to the development of the small red fruits sector support.

The cultivation of small red fruits is considered a growing sector in agriculture and the international demand for these red fruits has a significant rise, reports the newspaper Aujourd'hui Le Maroc.

The paper explains that the research focuses on creating productive species that are adapted to the climatic conditions of the area, the development of techniques for the mass multiplication of plants, the sustainable improvement of the technical management and improve the conservation of the production.

It should be noted that there are significant scientific and technical resources be mobilised. The newspaper stresses that a team of researchers is formulated to this project within the prescribed time limits. Their mission? Do research on the site of an experimental station near Larache and providing all the necessary conditions.

As a reminder, in the framework of the ' Green Morocco Plan ' has the development that this sector has experienced an undeniable social impact, with as many as 18,000 created permanent jobs.

It should be noted that the small red fruits sector generates revenue from exports of more than 2.3 billion dirham, making it one of the most important sectors of agricultural production is in the Loukkos and Gharb areas.

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