Injured passenger sues United Airlines to

The passenger who Sunday heavy handed from a crowded plane of United Airlines was dragged, has United sued.

His lawyers have in an emergency procedure in the Court of Illinois demanded that United and the airport of Chicago all relevant video footage, recordings of the voice recorder in the appliance and other evidence.

United Airlines world-wide is under heavy fire by the incident. The movie which shows how the man of Asian descent dragged away and literally gets hurt on his head, is alone on Chinese social media 360 million views.

United announced Wednesday that all passengers on the flight from Chicago to Louisville their money back. This compensation follows the public excuse of United Tuesday in which Chief Executive Oscar Munoz said the "wanting to make up for."

The airport authorities have already three employees of the airport police who were involved in the incident with mandatory leave. United has let it be known never to ask for such cases of transfer agents.

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