Peter r. de Vries joins in with crime museum

Peter r. de Vries together with media entrepreneur Jasper Vaswani a crime museum.

The Amsterdam Crime Experience next year should the doors open on a yet to be determined location in the capital. For De Vries is an active role to play in the museum, where visitors get a special look into the world of crime and detection.

The plan is to open the museum in the course of 2018. At the moment, however, is still searching for a suitable property, let founder Vaswani Thursday know. "We want a special location and expect that we, once it is found, six months need to it at all."

He developed the concept along with the crime reporter and consulting firm Tinker Imagineers. The experience should get fifteen interactive areas, including a place where visitors can do forensic investigation at a crime scene, a sketch of a suspect and may test their responsiveness on the shooting range. In so-called Crime Scene Rooms you need to solve a crime within a certain time.

Dave gets the role of Virtual Guide, which the visitors through interactive screens and of crucial information at the commands they need to do. "The idea fits perfectly at this time, in which many interest in crime and detection," said De Vries. "Citizens are also increasingly interfere with it." In the museum may also some Affairs of the crime reporter over. "I've spent the last 35 years much collected and always thought that would be exhibited again."

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