Morocco dismantles terrorist cell with 7 members

The Moroccan security services dismantled a terrorist cell BCIJ has linked to Daesh.

The members of the cell were in FES and Moulay Yacoub, a city located Northwest of Fez, reported the Ministry of the Interior yesterday in a statement.

The Ministry said that investigations showed that the cell, consisting of seven members, is associated with another, earlier dismantled cell that Daesh supported at the recruitment of people to part names to the armed struggle. The cell dismantled by the BCIJ was in the possession of weapons, military equipment and money.

According to the provisional stage had the members of this cell their activities Express, in particular by attracting and referring a group of Moroccan volunteers to the Syrian-Iraqi area in coordination with Daesh. If they are in the area had arrived, the Moroccan Daesh sympathizers a receive military training, added the statement.

The same source indicated that the leader of this cell recently had financed three extremist Moroccans to join add Daesh combat experience.  The Ministry said a brother of one of the members of the cell already had been involved in a cell dismantled earlier. He was convicted of planning acts of sabotage in Morocco and Europe. It added that the rest of the members of the cell have all family members fighting in Syria and Iraq in the ranks of Daesh.

Finally reported the statement that the suspects, once the ongoing investigation led by the Prosecutor has been completed, for the right will appear. Adding that the dismantling of this cell a part of the great efforts being carried out by the Moroccan security services to the increasing terrorist threats.