Death of 2-year-old girl by bad health care arouses great indignation in Morocco

It is 2017 and Moroccans in rural areas are still dying by the absence of basic health care.

The recent case of a two-year girl from Tinghir Idya Manjunath, who died after a brain hemorrhage, has aroused great indignation among Moroccans. They write the death of the girl to neglect by the employees of the regional hospital Moulay Ali Cherif, located in southeastern Morocco

Idya's brain haemorrhage was caused by a fall in which she struck her head against the ground. She was immediately referred to the local hospital. However, the lack of medical equipment in the facility brought her family to her to the regional hospital Moulay Ali Cherif, reports Moroccoworldnews.

The father of Idya told the media that after an examination by a medical scanner, the doctor of the Moulay Ali Cherif hospital secured him on the case of his daughter. He told the distraught father "she is a bit broken in her skull", before recommending to transfer her to a hospital in FES. The small Idya made the long journey to Fez, where they an hour later succumbed to her head injury.

The photo of the Idya was a lot shared by users on social media, who expressed their dismay over the absence of good life-saving resources in Moroccan hospitals. They said that the death of Idya was the result of medical negligence and that the lack of adequate medical equipment in hospitals led to Idya 500 kilometers had to be transported by an ambulance looking for a hospital, where she had saved can be.

Civil society organisations also condemned the case of Idya in Tinghir. They have a statement about the status of the hospitals in the region issued, saying "Idya had a chance to be saved if the local hospitals were equipped with necessary means". They added that "the family members of Idya were obliged to the girl on Board of an inappropriate ambulance to transport".

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