Two-day strike cost the Moroccan Highway administrator 20 million dirham

The two-day strike, on 9 and 10 april, performed by the employees of the Moroccan Highway administrator (ADM), highway administrator took a loss of 20 million dirham.

The two-day strike led to a loss of 10 million dirham per day, reports Moroccoworldnews. The news source reported that road users for two days throughout Morocco via various points could travel without paying tolls. The strikers urge ADM to on an open dialogue between all stakeholders in order to find workable solutions for their requirements.

ADM, for its part, confirmed that the staff the right has to strike and that this is part of the constitutional rights in Morocco. ADM added that civil responsibility, however, to be taken into consideration in order to facilitate public services, which is a priority. ADM notes that an open dialogue between ADM and its employees is still available.

ADM also has the future participation assured all parties responsible for studying the social demands of these employees, with the aim to deal with issues on an ad hoc basis.

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