Cristiano Ronaldo's family members enjoy Morocco

After a visit to Marrakech last year, bring the family members of Cristiano Ronaldo a visit to Morocco.

The mother of the Portuguese Footballer shared on Twitter and instagram her luck: "today was a good day with [my] family [in Morocco]" ending with a heart and the flag of Morocco. She has not announced where she and her family.

After his frequent visits to Morocco, it was discovered that Ronald invests in Morocco. In February, it was reported that Ronaldo is planning to buy a hotel in Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco. The hotel is said to be in the District of Ain Diab at the cornish, next to one of the giant shopping malls in Casablanca.

In March 2016 Moroccoworldnews reported that Ronaldo the main first-class African hotel would build for international celebrities in Marrakech. The complex of the hotel will be a shop of Ronaldo's trademark CR7.

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