Police officers and gendarmerie Salé informed young people for 810,000 dirham on

The pair promised payment 34 to help young people to public functions.

Two officials in sale at both the police and the gendarmerie are the talk of the town recently. The pair got charged: light up no less than 34 young people. Them would be against payment of large sums promised his public functions. The two held a total of about 810,000 dirham, it is known that one of the victims for as many as 160,000 was deceived. He was told that he would get a taxi permit for that amount, the suspect who was working at the gendarmerie would have a very short line to the Home Secretary.

Of one of the suspects is known, said Assabah, that he condemned to 2.5 years in prison. The second man, working with the police, is an accessory found. From him is not yet known about there already any imprisonment to is hung. Known is that there are probably even more people share in this shrewd and thoughtful form of scams.

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