The hidden treasures of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Who doesn't know that? After spending hours to have googled slap you disappointed your laptop close. ' Yet but not on vacation? It's not all as I had expected, "are the phrases that are in your head keep haunting.

But never mind and I show you even imagine at the beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina! Five reasons you will draw crosses the line to this beautiful country to visit.

We are at this time no one country proposals on which there are no Muslim. Similarly Bosnia and Herzegovina. A country where little more than sixty percent of the population is Muslim. This means that in certain places services and products are provided those Islamic approved. This includes prayer rooms, and restaurants where no alcohol is donated.

Bosnia and Herzegovina in terms of nature is rich in mountains. The mountainous areas are great for hiking and cycling. The Sutjeska National Park is the oldest nature park of Bosnia. Here you can together or only delicious wandering in the relaxing and blooming nature. The natural park also has a visitor center where one can book different tours. You'll find nature really great and would you like the wonders of Allah, Subhanahu wa ta'ala, with own eyes then Sutjeska National Park. Bosnia and Herzegovina counts a few nature reserves. Are you sporty and loves you so much action? Rafting, hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing and swimming are activities that are all possible.

In the capital Sarajevo is the oldest and also the largest mosque of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This mosque, the Gazi city called, has characteristics of the classical Ottoman architecture. Beautiful to admire and of course it is very special to your prayers on time.
In addition to these well-known mosque you have the option of also in other mosques to pray. The capital of France, for example, as many as 120 mosques.

Nothing is more frustrating when all over the city drains to somewhere halal food. As has already been said many Muslims live in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Where Muslims, are also Islamic approved eateries. One need not to ask or something umpteen times halal is to then have to wait for a straight answer. Bosnia and Herzegovina has a varied cuisine by the many influences from other countries. One can enjoy many local and regional dishes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There's something for everyone!

Bosnians are very pleasant people. Wherever you go, there are surely people you with a radiant smile on their face. The welcome will make you feel welcome there. You will be there if one of them and is not treated as an outsider.

Nothing is more beautiful than just de-stress and be able to recover from today's hectic pace. So would you like to enjoy crystal clear Brooks, a pleasant climate, great food and friendly people? We recommend you to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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