Attijariwafa Bank allows American contractor for new headquarters Casablanca

No, not a European but a Moroccan American bouwadvies company is going to help the new head office in Casablanca.

Morocco's largest bank, Attijariwafa Bank, has Grand and ambitious plans. It hopes its new headquarters soon to make it rise out of the ground in the financial heart of the country, Casablanca. In the business centre of the metropolis will than the new building, the name bearing Borj Attijari. The bank takes out and reserve said to be about 1 billion dirham for the construction of the new headquarters. The building will be 100 metres high, a surface of around 55,000 square meters and last but not least: it will be built on a sustainable responsible way.

For this task it has connected with the American firm Hill International. The company 250 million privately held what for such a State in New York and was already active in several (North) African countries as South Africa, Algeria, Libya and Egypt. The company will become a leading role during the project and control multinational companies from all over the world for their share in construction.

Moroccan sources have so far not yet published when the delivery of the property expects.

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