Two Moroccans won in International Quran Competition

S F and Hamza El Aasri were among the winners in the 24th annual International Quran competition.

The League was in Cairo held and was organized by the Egyptian Ministry of religious affairs. The announcement of the winners at the end of the competition last week were released, reports Moroccoworldnews.

Saïd Fafa, student of the "Imam Nafie" school for traditional teaching in Tangier, won the flagging price for his ability to recite the entire Holy Quran and he also knew the interpretations of it.

The second winner Hamza El Aasri was the winner of the "Dar Al Quran" price. El Aasri, who is a member of the "El Jadida Imam Malik Association for preaching and Guidance ", won on the basis of category Quran memorization and interpretation of jihad verses from the Koran.

The match was attended by 43 60 candidates from Arab, African and other countries. The competition was divided into four categories, consisting of the memorization of the entire Holy Quran memorization and tajweed, interpretation, the sciences, this is a part where the candidate is judged on the rules which have been drawn up for the correct reciting the koran.