Fishermen Al Hoceima financial met after losing their nets

The Council of Tangiers and Tetouan, Al Hoceima, the fishermen financially.

The fishermen in Al Hoceima can quickly regain their work picking up after the financial contribution that the Council of Tanger, Tétouan and Al Hoceima recently did. After their fishing nets to be lost by dolphins lay work flat for a while. Now is known, according to the Moroccan medium All Huffington Post, that the fishermen for the full 100% are offset in this loss. This decision was taken last Friday at a meeting in which the ministers of the Interior, agriculture and fisheries, among others, were present.

It is further agreed, as can be read in a press release following the meeting, that in the future more needs to be done to professionals in this sector to a higher level. Among other things, the idea was mentioned to a life raft to go especially for fishermen.

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