Beauty Talks: Ghassoul

In our series Beauty Talks about natural Moroccan beauty products today we focus the attention on ghassoul.

Ghassoul is in Morocco for generations as care product use, Word literally means ' washing '. It is a volcanic clay containing only in the Moroccan Atlas mountains in Morocco.

Ghasoul is the only kind of clay that is won, often underground explosives used to to break ground. With a pickaxe is hereinafter referred to as the ground excavated. The chunks are then transported to a place where all impurities are removed by hand. If doing so is it for about 2 days in the Sun so the can dry. After that, in factories once again cleaned and washed, after this process, the clay dry. After this is done, the clay sold. It is available in powder form or in chunks.

Before You can use the clay is mixed with a liquid substance so that There is a mud-like jelly. This water is usually used, but ghassoul can also be mixed with milk, rose water or argan oil. You can the ghassoul clay in powder form or in chunks, use for the ghassoul blocks a mortar to get the clay fine.

The clay has a high absorbatiegehalte whereby excess fats from the skin absorbed. Furthermore, the clay an antibacterial action which ensures that waste from the skin be drained. It also has an Exfoliating effect whereby dead skin cells are removed and the skin feels soft after use. The clay for decades, is used for the body, face and hair is chock full of good minerals such as magnesium, Silicon, potassium and calcium. The clay also has a lower ph value than other types of clay, making it ensures a gentle cleansing and suitable for all skin types.

Tip 1: use the clay as mask for your face. Do a few tablespoons ghassoul or about 10 grams of powder in a small bowl, mix This little by little with hot water and mix it until there is a Paste. Now lubricate your face in with the clay and let it be a withdraw or quarter until he just not completely dry. After this, rinse your face off with lukewarm water. A clay mask draws impurities out of your pores, then It continues with the absorbing excess oils from your skin. You let it dry the natural oils from your skin also absorbed.
Tip 2: If body mask. Use about 140 grams ghassoul clay powder and mix it with hot water until a spreadable whole. Lubricating now your body in with the clay mass and allow the withdrawal to the network is not dried up, then wash the clay off with water.
Tip 3: use as a mild scrub Ghassoul cream. Take ghassoul powder and mix it with water until a soft emulsion. Scrub the skin and it was off. The fine structure will the skin gently polishing and soften.
Tip 4: use ghassoul as creamy face wash. Take a level teaspoon ghassoul and a teaspoon of honey and mix together in a small bowl or in your hand. Divide the hereafter over your face and massage your skin with it in, it was then off with lukewarm water. Your face become this fed and cleaned.
Tip 5: use the clay for a relaxing foot bath. Put a bowl ready with hot make a mixture of water, three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 3 tablespoons clay. Massage your feet with this in and let it sit to the network not dried up. Now place your feet in the warm water and let them 10 minutes weeks in the teil. Then create your feet clean and dry them.

Tip 1: clean your hair with ghassoul clay powder by a teaspoon mixing with shampoo in your hand, massage your hair and scalp with this in. Was the shampoo with water, your hair is now extra clean.
Tip 2: use the ghassoul clay as her mask for an intensive hair care. Make a mixture of ghasoul powder and water until a thick  liquid mass. Massage your scalp with this in and divide talking about your hair. Let a few minutes and rinse your hair thoroughly with plenty of water. It makes your hair clean, healthy and shiny.
Tip 3: as a substitute for shampoo if you only want natural products use it for cleaning your hair. Make your hair wet, now divide the ghasoul that mixes with water over your hair and it was then good.

Ghassoul is suitable for your hair, face and body. The clay has a detoxifying effect on the skin and nourishes and cleanses. It is a organic product without further additions which makes it suitable for every skin type. The ghasoul clay word been used for centuries and that is not for no reason. Be surprised by the purity of the care of yesteryear, and experience mild cleaning from top to toe!

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