Noteworthy: Thieves ravage toilets Chinese city park

The Executive Board of a city park in the Chinese city of Chengdu is with the hands in the hair by the large-scale theft of toilet paper.

The park provides public toilet cubicles since this month of free toilet roll, but this is shown according to the newspaper Global Times to work like a magnet to thieves.

An hour after the toilets of toilet rolls were equipped with thirty booths, were looted. After seven days, the counter on 1500 gone roll toilet paper; more sharply than initially foreseen. The park fears for an unexpected loss of almost 14,000 euros per year.

The Board of the park therefore breeds on measures to halt the geplunder of toilets. Consideration is being given to special face to install scanners, as previously was done in Beijing. Such devices ensure that toilet paper get visitors up to sixty centimeters per nine minutes.

Such a high-tech device would in Chengdu not all toilet troubleshooting. According to a member of the Board are sometimes tourists caught that toilets partly dismantling the parts to sell.

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