Emotional Tarik Sektioui after shutdown MAS Fès in CAF Confederations Cup (video)

It was MAS Fes-coach Tarik Sektioui too much at the press conference.

Tarik Sektioui, active on several Premier League clubs in the past, the Greek Club Panathinaikos FC currently practises in Morocco. With MAS Fes as the first step (it also led briefly in 2013) in its still fledgling trainerscarriere he managed to conquer the Moroccan Cup last year. In the final, played in the Sheikh Laghdaf Stadium in Laayoune, was he with its tweededivisie formation with 2-1 too strong for OCK Khouribga.

In a diptych with FUS Rabat Saturday not to the heenresultaat of the 2-1 (in favor of the team by Walid Raaz) to transcend. In FES remained one hang on a 1-1 tie, insufficient to to move up to the group stage of the CAF Confederations Cup.

[video = youtube; 38Gnb85YQMI] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = 38Gnb85YQMI [/video]

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