Yes-R cannot write off by others

Rapper Yes-R (30) annoyed if people in his scene wonder ' what does Yes-R well today? '.

"It frustrated me that they thought I with nothing was working, while there are actually very much was happening behind the scenes ', ' says the rapper and record producer from his new Office at VIVA.

Yes-R is not by others for writing when he should stop and continues to believe in themselves. "Always. Also at times when it seemed like the majority do not believed in me. When I left at Bacon, the record company of my cousin Ali, there were those who had written off me. It is precisely at such a time I think: wait a minute, I have killed me gestruggeld, my school for my music career pushed aside and risks taken. And then your model, the people from the music scene, decide it for me about? Thick Dick, fifteen beer. I'm going to just as long until I think: I quit. "

He is still one of the most booked artists at student parties. He has recently released the singles late into the night and own thing launched on 28 april and brings his new EP El Patron. In addition, Yes-R tv programmes for AVRO cable. '' I enjoy. How many rappers can say that they do and face are two weekly shows of AVRO cables? "

'' I don't know how hip I find to put on my 40th still video clips, so I can imagine that I am about to present and produce guidelines for a while ', ' says Yes-R about the future. "Until then I want to beech. I walk damn weekly 5 km hard, go to the gym, am careful with my voice, do not smoke, drink hardly and do everything to my vocal cords hold good, so I keep popping until I like it. "

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