PVV: dual citizenship impossible

The PVV is working on a proposal for having a dual citizenship.

Group leader Geert Wilders has announced that Tuesday. According to him it must be forbidden that someone has two passports. "As long as you are Turk you should not have any Dutchman." Wilders admitted that the "complicated" is that legal. "We are now trying to figure out." With the Turkish law, which specify the Turkish nationality, he has "nothing to do".

The announcement of Wilders comes several days after a referendum in Turkey, in which a narrow majority approved a constitutional amendment that the Turkish president gives significantly more power. A majority of Turks in the Netherlands who have the right to vote and were using them, voted for the constitutional amendment.

The PVV opposes for years against having dual citizenship. In 2007 she made a point in the appointment of State Secretary Nebahat Albayrak of Justice and later at the election of lower House President Khadija Arib, respectively, the Turkish and Moroccan nationality. Also Queen Máxima has a double passport: in addition to a Dutch an Argentine. According to Wilders should apply the law to which his group works "for everyone, but the Turks first '.

geert wilders