Beauty and lifestyle inspiration: Cleaning is the key

Foundations, concealers, highlighters; just remember it and it sits on your face. Often for a whole day, because we must look on fleek.

But the skin under the make-up should also to create the ideal look. What is often forgotten is that through all the make up what we use our be enlarged pores, skin irritates and polluted. The skin is then very restless and this then leads to impurities.

To you face as clean and smooth as possible, there are two main rules; priming and cleaning.

Before you start with your daily makeup routine, it is important that you first a based on your face. This is essential for the use of makeup and as protection of your face. On the one hand, to refine your pores giving you the chance of magnification and reduces pollution thereof, and on the other hand, so that your makeup will look better there. Now the importance of the primer common, it is the next step to the right primer for your skin type. Primers come in various shapes and sizes, what a choice often makes more difficult.

For : dry skin it's best to choose a moisturizing primer. This allows sure that your makeup no drying effect. Often if you already have a moisture transferring have made day cream is a primer not necessary, because that creates There's already for that your face doesn't dry out.

: For This skin type is a primer is essential. Especially if you have a shiny T-zone and in the course of the day soon is going to shine. The primer has as a function to your face Matt finishing so that everything during the day look beautiful even from and longer stays in place. In addition, there are also many primers that the redness in your face do Juniors, refine pores and fine lines filling up.

A Primer does not have to be expensive, you just need to know which primer is best for your skin type. Feel free to step on an employee and ask for advice!

And last but not least, cleaning! Ensure a calm and clear skin you can only live up to by routine focused your face clean. Not only when you make up on have had, but also for that! When you wake up do you have (if any) excess night cream, sweat and sebum created during night. It is a good idea to use after washing your face with a cotton ball and also a tonic/showering your face to take off. After that you can then hassle-free your daily routine care applying.

And to lock, when you come home at night you should make up there again. Not the best job, but it has to be done! A damp cloth or a cotton ball with a cleansing lotion is often not enough. You let this way the remains the makeup in your pores are which can result in blackheads or even pimples. Always use a creamy face wash gel after the decline with a piece of cloth. You wash all leftovers from your face and will make you forget any place. Hereinafter referred to as a tonic application is optional, this makes for a refreshing effect and some tonics have you as a bonus that it refines your pores.

I myself find the cleaning products of the Lush and the House brand of the gardens, the Tea Tree line in the special, highly recommended. These are based on natural ingredients and without Parabens.

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