Al Hoceima: 1000 young people hired in Tangier free zone

About 1000 unemployed young people from the city of Al Hoceima will be hired in the free zone in Tangier, in particular in the automotive sector and textile industry.

Things seem to be at a faster rate to evolve to the social tensions in Al Hoceima. According to Al-Ahdath, in its edition of today, would it be compatible found to work within three months to about 1000 unemployed young people from Al Hoceima.

The paper explains that this measure was taken following a meeting last week at the headquarters of the Wilaya of Tangier. The wali of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima has also promised to make in person to ensure that several companies will be involved in this operation.

According to the same newspaper, the automotive sector is one of the first job providers are for the young people of Al Hoceima, along with the clothing and textile sector.

In addition to welcoming young unemployed people in the free zone, other possibilities are also studied with different investors for the opening of production units in Al Hoceima itself.

After the appointment of the new Government headed by El Othmani, was the first step of the new Minister of Home Affairs, Lakshmi Laftit, a visit to Al Hoceima, a broad discussion was opened with the elected authorities in the region. With the creation of this 1000 jobs, it seems that the first steps have been put in operation.

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