PNEA: ' of the Moroccan students smokes 15%, 13% used drugs and skips over 22% '

No positive trend so it seems like the Moroccan student.

Staggering figures from a recent survey by the PNEA under the students in Morocco. The Institute which developed global research uses to improve education in the country recently came with a report which one somewhat worrying. One of the facts that came to light was experiencing verbal or non-verbal abuse throughout the study, this includes secondary education: one can argue that one in five students here have to do with it, both as victim and perpetrator.

Be troubled, sexual harassment, is also one of the cases examined by the PNEA. It is clear that more girls than boys suffer from it, namely 19% versus 16%. That be troubled, teachers and staff of educational institutions are also guilty of making, as it turns out.

It seems, so one can conclude from the research, that verbal violence prevails in the Moroccan education. More than 45% of the studied cases admits on a verbal way to be treated negatively by the teachers.

More worrying is the addiction to alcohol and drugs by Moroccan students, researching other institutions show that some 600,000 Moroccan students addicted to drugs. There are about 16,000 of these would be also addicted to hard drugs as cocaine and heroin.

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