Moroccan Ministry of Health wants to eliminate Hepatitis C virus in 2030

In Morocco, we all run to the virus complete no later than 2030.

If it were up to the Moroccan Ministry of health and the national Epidemics Bureau then Hepatitis C in 2030. After the earlier intention of the responsible Department, is also the President of the Office on the objective. In a press release let President Arthur M know this by means of a national plan to want to achieve, this plan was prepared by the Ministry of health.

The plan will be rolled out what national consists of five measures, one of which is the active preventive check of citizens on the condition. A logical consequence of this is that for those who carry the condition be sufficient budget will be able to treat them further (using RAMED among other things). One of the obstacles which still encounter is reaching inhospitable areas in the country.

The US authorities at an earlier stage to Morocco to want to help in this fight. There would be a cash prize of about 33.5 million u.s. dollars are promised, it is unclear whether this offer still holds true after the election by Donald Trump as the new president.

For this intention is not only the welfare of the Moroccan citizen Central, one wants to avoid at all times that tourists the virus.

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