Half years in prison on smuggling prisons

Viewing phones and other contraband prison introduction, may be punished with up to a half year cell or a high fine.

This is stated in a new Bill of State Secretary Saha Deen of security and justice.

Dent made in september to work on making it a criminal offence. It comes to stuff which in themselves are legal, such as tools, phones and tablets, but whose possession is prohibited within the walls of the prison.

The introduction of illegal items such as drugs and weapons can be penalized, but that is more difficult at such as a phone. Then must first be proven that it's going to help to escape or to criminal action. Usually it remains therefore at denying access to the prison.

In the second room is Wednesday talked about the safety of personnel in the prisons. An important point is the contraband within the walls of establishments which can lead to dangerous situations.

According to State Secretary Dent is "a constant battle" to contraband outside the establishments. Prisoners and criminals outside the walls come up with ever new ways to stuff inside. So are mini phones in a tennis ball thrown over the prison walls and are sometimes even drones.

Contraband as mobile phones and drugs are in large quantities intercepted in Dutch prisons. The service last year gave holleeder documents freely about many hundreds of finds in the years 2012-2016.

The second Room also spoke Wednesday about the fire letter that the Central Works Council of the DJI recently sent. It states that the working pressure is extremely high and that the security of staff and inmates in danger. Dela Cruz said that there are currently new staff is being touted.