Drunk Ferrari driver and 2 police officers arrested after accident in Rabat

The Directorate General of national security (DGSN) late yesterday announced that the drunk driver of the ferrari, which caused a traffic accident Monday in Rabat, has been arrested.

The young man, who is identified as Hamza Darham, in collaboration with the local police arrested in Casablanca, where he stayed at that time. The two police officers shown in the video to show up earlier in the day were all arrested in Rabat.

"It was Wednesday morning decided to two police officers to hold in the framework of the investigation by the police in Rabat after a traffic accident," said DGSN.

The first officer was responsible for managing the security measures in the area of the accident, according to the DGSN, while the second is an inspector who was responsible for reporting the accident.

The arrest of these three comes after Abdellatif Ha, head of the DGSN, the file personally. Earlier in the day announced Ha that he personally would interfere with the case and no one would spare.

As a reminder, the drunk driver set itself a video of the incident, which quickly went viral on social media:

[video = youtube; DZQPrL_iH-c] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = DZQPrL_iH-c [/video]