Van Gogh museum aims to attract young people with migration background, take ' service conversation '

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam will better come into view in young people of Amsterdam with a Surinamese, Antillian, Turkish and Moroccan background. In the event of an incident with a young Moroccan visitor last summer they have themselves with this audience not only in a very positive light.

In a program titled "Van Gogh connects ', comes the museum over the next four years with some forty activities for and with these groups.

Director Axel Ruger wants "the estate of Van Gogh for anyone of sense" and therefore find out how the artist also said young people in the capital can "inspire". Ruger also want to "create awareness for cultural diversity within the Organization", reports the AFP.

Noteworthy is that a Moroccan visitor, a young Moroccan Amsterdammer called Jaouad, last summer in the row had to report to a security officer what he actually came to do. When the boy was angry, it is him access. The security officer would also have said "I'd rather not Moroccans". Even though that hasn't been filmed and therefore not to prove, is clearly heard on the video "' for which would you like that (referring to want to see the paintings that gives Jaouad to) see then and what is your purpose?".

The Van Gogh museum, sided with it when in a statement on it under the heading of "a service call", there's never been a conversation below with the relevant visitor to to discuss this in a positive way. Probably had this a positive spin can get to show that young people with Moroccan migration background are welcome. Police have dismissed the case for lack of evidence. See the previous news posts:

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