FRMF considering ' free access ' for Morocco exhibition game vs. Orange

Ticket prices are normally already low, however considering the Moroccan Football Federation to increase the attendance by free access for loading poster.

According to sources close to the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF reports the generally well Assabah imported that there may be free access lies ahead for Morocco-orange. The media reports that the bond this considering getting despite the tricky time and the Holy fasting month of Ramadan to realize a well filled Stadium. Prices for game maps of the Moroccan national football team are normally already quite low, the most expensive ticket is approximately 150 dirham.

Assabah reports further that all the bond goes into effect to everything around this poster to the dots. This would be appointed a Special Commission that, among other things, the Dutch team uses to receive and their coaching during the stay in Agadir.

It is expected that national coach Herve Renard will have known no later than 15 may, preselection made. The game will be finished on 31 May in the Grand Stade d'Agadir to 19:30 uk time.

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