Local President PJD clear after escape attempt after car accident

The man recently came the talk of the town after his escape attempt after a car accident.

According to the Moroccan medium Assabah is President of a local group of the PJD prematurely released. The man in question was recently involved in a car accident after which he would have taken the legs. By the accident ran two other vehicles, including a taxi that transported a tourist at that time, hefty damage on. the President of the Islamic party would have lost control of the vehicle, an all-terrain vehicle which as a service cart gold.

The man could soon be made obsolete by the local authorities and not much later after the accident was nabbed. Newly defined the right that the man may come early, will later be handled his case. The PJD-President is no stranger to justice, for he already came in 2010, then for adultery.

car accident