Five injured in skirmishes along border post Sebta (video)

Five Moroccan women, so-called ' mules ' are last week injured in new clashes at the transition point Tarajal II in Sebta.

Their injuries are not "very serious," according to the local Spanish newspaper . Those involved were transported to the University Hospital in Sebta to provide the necessary care to received.

The incident took place in the early morning when some of the women tried to cross the border to Sebta. According to the local delegation of the Spanish Government started the women pushing each other and have each other on such a way at the Moroccan side of the enclave.

The incident comes after less than a month after the death of a "mule" that was trampled and died four days later in a hospital in Tetouan.

Thousands of Moroccan women carry daily via this border post in Morocco and have their goods themselves in such way of living. Often they carry up to 70 kilos and car crossing multiple times a day. The weight of their goods is limited to 20 kg.

HuffPostMaghreb dedicated in March another video to these women, where their heavy work and some people pushing and pulling is evident:

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