5 may-reading Nasrdin Dchar: ' what have I got to celebrate? '

The title of the May 5-lecture of actor Nasrdin Dchar is ' what have I got to celebrate? '. He speaks about his father and mother, who came from Morocco to Netherlands, and what he wants to give to his own children.

"In the 1960s, said Netherlands against my father: welcome. The Netherlands by now says: peg, "said Dchar. "What is the meaning of freedom for a migrant child? I try those two little ones of me to bring an updated version of freedom: respect for all is important, but subordination is something else. "

The theme of the commemorations and celebrations on 4 and 5 May this year is ' the power of the personal story '.

Heroism is not a choice that is made only in extreme circumstances. It is a setting that you have-whether it be war or peace, or there is now a serious job on is done or not. It is a form of life courage, that are just as good if you getreiterde a bullied child in your class or a colleague at work trying to help.

That says author Li Vaughan as they on 4 May during the National Remembrance Day the annual nomination holds in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam. The text of her speech, titled "In the mist ', appeared Saturday already in book form, along with the 5 may-reading that actor Nasrdin Dchar on liberation day means the provincial government building in Haarlem.

"Heroism is also: not trying to attack prey to fear, distrust or those who try to stir up that's right for you," continues Vaughan. "Do not listen to the cynics, the doomsayers, to all those people who will us that everything will go wrong if we are not just as black and suspicious start thinking as herself. And that even happy if there something horrible happens, because then they can say: you see, I'm right. Heroism is dare to be generous, knowing that we are in one of the most prosperous countries of the world and so much to give. "

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