Ministry of family: partnership agreements with 200 Moroccan associations

The Ministry of family, solidarity, equality and social development on 25 april in Rabat will sign partnership agreements with 200 project-oriented associations in the framework of the partnership programme with the CR midfield.

The signing of these agreements are concerned associations consisting of 680 candidates are selected and who will benefit from a general support of over 21.3 million dirham (DH), reported a statement by the Ministry.

These partnerships relate to; 25 projects in the field of social inclusion through economic empowerment of women (2,705,414 DH), 20 family-oriented projects (1,168,367 DH), 33 projects for older guidance (2,112,822 DH) and 11 projects to promote the situation of street children (more than 886,000 DH).

There are also 27 projects in the field of mutual assistance and social assistance for the elderly in the family (2,439,420 DH), 41 projects for raising awareness of the rights of persons with disabilities (2,900.145 DH), 14 three-year support projects for family mediation centres (2,622,600 DH) and 29 three-year support projects for guidance centres for women victims of violence (6,493,550 DH).